Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bon Appétit! - Restaurants Owners Beware...

Ever been really hungry for steak and lobster, but didn’t think you could afford it? 
Some people never worry about money. They don’t dine and dash unless there’s an open window in the bathroom. They are far more clever and have a plan.

For example: The hustler sits down, eats dinner and gets the check. When no one is looking, he puts the check in his pocket, stands up and acts like he sees something on the floor. 
He bends over and “finds” a ring under his table. He goes to the people sitting closest and  says: “I just found this ring under my table. I’m going to give it to the manager in case someone  comes back to claim it. I’m going to point where I found it. When you see me pointing to you,  just wave so he knows the area where the ring was found.”

The con artist secretly puts the ring back into his pocket and walks up to the host. He talks for a minute about the weather or something, and says: "Those nice people are picking up my check.”  When he points to the people who were sitting by him, they wave back. Then the con artist walks  out with a free dinner in his stomach.

This next “belly buster” takes two people. The first person walks in to a Denny’s, sits at the counter and orders a steak dinner. A few minutes later his friend walks in and sits next to him and orders a cup of coffee. They act like they don’t know each other.
When no one is looking, they switch checks. The person who ate the steak dinner takes the coffee check to the cashier, pays for it and walks out. After he has had enough time to get away, the coffee drinker turns his steak dinner check over and complains that all he had was coffee. He refuses to pay for a steak dinner he did not eat. 
The two hustlers meet up later and go to another restaurant and reverse the roles so they can both have a free meal.