Sunday, April 27, 2014


From DIY Musician by Chris Robley:
“Email is still the most effective form of online marketing. When you want to encourage fans to purchase your music, or leave a review, or tag you in photos that they took at your show, or watch your newest YouTube video, EMAIL is the best way to get someone to take action”…
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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Posted in: Music Promotion, Tips by: Graham
"Creating great music for yourself is one thing. Creating it to share with others and grow a fan base that helps fund your music is quite another thing.

What if you don’t know anything about sales or marketing? How do you get your music out to more people and how do you make money off of your music so you can continue to make albums and be creative, maybe even make a living?
Here are some thoughts… People Pay For The Value You Create At the end of the day all income or money is generated by someone adding value to someone else’s life. Business and sales are simply the art of creating value in the lives of others. Whether it’s selling you a car that helps you get to work or selling you a great meal at a beautiful restaurant, each add value to your life. The music business is no different.

For years people have paid for music because it adds value to their lives. It makes them feel a certain way. Music is awesome! That’s why you’re reading this website right now. The same is true for concerts. The live performance is a unique experience that adds value to people’s lives so they are willing to pay for it. Whether the actual product (CD, MP3 purchase) or the experience (live show, concert), both are ways an artist has created value and sold it to you. And you were happy to pay. You Add Value With More Than Your Recordings So the key with YOUR music is to not just think about creating great music, but creating something that is valuable to other people. This can be way more than just your actual recordings. Some examples: live shows, online performances, behind the scenes videos, Q&A Skype sessions, lyric explanation videos, demos, live acoustic recordings, covers, collaborations, PDFs of your original notes and lyrics on paper, merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, wrist bands, etc. These days, more than ever, fans want to be really connected to their favorite artists. The beauty of being an indie band or artist is that you can offer your fans way more access than ever before. Music is just the beginning, the foundation for a total experience that can add massive value to your fans.

Give Away Your Best Thing For Free So what can you practically do to market your music to more people and eventually generate income from your passion? You’ll need to build a relationship with potential fans, one in which they are happy to offer you their email address in exchange for something. You want their email address because you want to better interact with them directly and offer them more amazing stuff in the future. You’ll want to let them know when you’ll be playing a show in their area, or when your newest EP is out, or your latest music video, etc. But to secure this relationship you’ll need to offer value to them first. You need to give away your best thing for free. This could be your EP (like I did most recently), which is hard. It’s your baby. It’s the whole point of why you do what you do. But remember, it’s not the only way you create value in people’s lives. It is, however, the foundation for everything else you can do for your fans. The idea here is simply create fan loyalty from Day 1. Why mess around and offer something lame. Give them your best stuff free, start a relationship, and then continue to show them other ways you can add value to their lives with either free stuff or paid stuff. "
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Monday, April 14, 2014


"The 3 Most Profitable DIY Revenue Streams, And Why Many Artists Succeed at Only One of them.

Independent artists can make more money than ever before. The walls of major label distribution have crumbled, and have been down for a decade. Social networks make promotion to fans easier and cheaper. Add in home recording, crowd-sourced artwork, and other cost cutting maneuvers and DIY musicians can be financially successful. Or so goes the myth…" by Kyle Bylin
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"You've gone through the entire process of writing, recording, mixing, mastering, replicating and distributing your music. Now what?" Click on the link for full article.
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Thursday, April 3, 2014


"You’ve watched your musical heroes take the stage to thunderous applause, adulation and love, and you burn for that, for yourself, and you want to be a professional writer of songs. The songwriting call has whispered in your ears for years now, and you’ve decided to answer it. You are ready to embrace it, to begin your journey as a songwriter…." 
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