Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We have all heard the story about a band playing their heart's out on stage while a mysterious person in the audience was lurking around. After the gig the mystery man approaches the band and tells them he is a record executive for a big label and wants to sign them to a contract worth millions. The band signs it on the side of the stage and instantly become mega stars. If this story was ever true it sure isn't now.

Due to the revenue streams drying up because of the ability to download content for free, everything has changed. Record companies now wait until the artists are signed by a big agent before approaching. The reason is because of the new paradigm in the music industry. There has been a power shift over the last couple of years and the big agents now have a strangle hold. Do the big agents want this new power? No they don't. They would love to revert back to the old days when record companies were in charge of PR, promotion and getting bands airplay. The music industry still makes many people a lot of money. Someone had to step in and save it after the collapse of record company spending and it was the big agents. If they hadn't have stepped in there would be anarchy. 
Anarchy sounds good in principle but it's a disaster for the music industry. Anarchy would mean that there would be no structure in place for artists to rise to the top and get out of a 40 mile radius of their home town. Anarchy would mean that there would be no system to weed out the bands that suck. 
How did big agents save the music industry? I will explain that in my next blog.


Sunday, February 23, 2014

13 Rules For Breaking Into Hollywood

An article in BULLETT magazine by Adi Shankar who is the producer of several films, including The Grey, Broken City, and the upcoming Lone Survivor. 
Click here to read his 13 rules in details. 

1) Understand and Believe that Art is Important 
2) The Internet is F**king Awesome 
3) If You Want to be a Storyteller You Need to Have a Point of View 
4) The Future Lies in Collectives, So Assemble Yours Now! 
5) Do What You Love. Period. 
6) Don’t Be Discouraged by People Who Don’t Believe 
7) Don’t Spend Your Twenties in Nightclubs 8) Until You Make it to “Prime Time,” Treat Everything Like Practice. 
9) It’s Later Than You Think 
10) Niche Markets are the Future 
11) Disrespect Authority   
12) Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint 
13) Don’t Underestimate Anyone 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014


In the 1990s managers were a very important part of the music industry. They used their connections to get their bands record deals and made sure the deals were for maximum money. You could trust around 70 percent of them to be honest and try real hard. They did this for 15% of the artists gross income.

The record industry colapsed in around 2002 due to free online downloading. Most of their revenue streams dried up and they quit signing bands that didn't already have a media foot print. High end publicists became more important than managers. Small cheap publicists hearts are usually in the right place, but they don't have the connections to get much more than blogs or small mainstream press mentions.

Managers have been left out on a limb without much to do. It's usually better to hire an entertainment attorney to do a one time negotiation for around $400 than to have a manager take 15 % for the rest of your career.

This has turned most of the "manager" entity into scrambling for other ways to make money. For example: asking for a monthly fee or suggesting pay to play gigs; both of those proposals are rip offs. 
Bands be careful: over 60 % of managers operate that way these days.

There are still some who do it for the right reasons but they are the ones who have established bands, and to them we salute you.


Saturday, February 15, 2014


"I have spent most of my life getting a street education. No other subject has fascinated me more. Every opportunity to witness first hand the formulas that create angle driven controlled human behavior I would watch. Pick pockets, hypnotism, brain washing, how pimps turn girls into prostitutes, along with proposition bets to win free beers, etc. 
Art was in me, I was a spoken word performer and doing crazy stunts but no one was paying attention.
One day I had an epiphany: "What if all the street psychology I've learned was used in a legal way as part of a DIY marketing strategy?" I tried it with a show I was doing called the Jim Rose Circus and it worked. Due to the new marketing angles I ended up on the covers of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE and was the featured example of advertising acumen in the best selling business book THE DEVIANTS ADVANTAGE.." -Jim Rose

The problem with getting a real street education is that you have to go through a lot of hard knocks and pain for the degree. In 2005 Jim remedied that dilemma for the masses. He wrote the most complete book ever offered on the subject "SNAKE OIL" and it has just been re-released by Bartleby 

Press on the e-format Kindle." 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PUNK GLOBE: 'Three-Card Monte' MYTHS

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The Three-Card Monte is an old street con game. 
It works like this: the dealer holds a red queen and two black kings that he throws face down on a table or cardboard box. The rule is to guess which one is the queen. The victim puts his money down on the card he thinks is the winner, then the dealer turns it over to show which one it is. It appears to be a simple game to beat. There is a general perception that street hustlers working the Three-Card Monte games always let you win the first time you play to get you hooked. This myth grew from seeing money changing hands with other betters. The other betters are in fact part of the scam. It is their job to make you feel comfortable enough to take out your money and try to beat the dealer. 

Keep reading on Punk Globe for more details and more card bets:

"The problem with getting a real street education is that you have to go through a lot of hard knocks and pain for the degree. Jim Rose has remedied that dilemma for the masses by contributing monthly to Punk Globe Magazine." It is Jim Rose's opinion that the psychology of being street wise is crucial to protecting one's self, furthering careers and in some cases just fun to know.

The contents of this article could be dangerous. Misuse of the material can cheapen an art form or at the very least make you look stupid. More importantly, misuse of this information may result in jail time or death. Do not attempt any of these tricks without the direct supervision 

of a responsible professional.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Band Phishing Beware

Bands be on the lookout for phish emails that charge you "pay to play" or monthly fees to manage you.

1) "Pay to play" is a rip off. No legitimate music industry person would sink that low.
2) No real managers charge a fee to manage. The standard percentage for management is 15% of gross.

Lately bands are getting a lot of phishing emails promising all kinds of things as long as they pay a monthly fee of $300. I'm not going to post the phish email word for word because they come back on you with a cease and desist because of posting a copyrighted letter. Can you believe the balls? An attorney threatening you with copyright infringements when you post an email sent to bands that is obviously phishing? It's happening so all you can do, bands, is to be on the lookout and avoid being a caught phish. I have personally sent this email to bands and am asking readers to share this message.
Thank You.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Bands beware of Jim Rose Circus Scam that actually works to get your name out there

Bands beware of JimRose Circus Scam that actually works to get your name known better. Taped as a public service for a charity event. If you are in a band or any type of artist and are looking for big agents, tours or record companies, Jim Rose has figured out how to do it by manipulating the media with light hearted tricks, cons and / or uplifting community help press releases.If you know an artist or musician feel free to share and email to bands. There are a lot of frauds and rip offs out there that do phishing for bands. This video is copyrighted and using it to phish is strictly forbidden. This is a legit way to beat the big machines D.I.Y. style. Every one should see this. It's a real eye opener and very entertaining. Its sole purpose is to help artists one viewing at a time.


Sunday, February 2, 2014


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This article is in the expressed opinion of the author. Sideshow  World and it's staff are not responsible for the contents of this article and it's opinions.
The contents of this section are dangerous. Misuse of the material can cheapen an art form or at the very least make you look stupid. More importantly, misuse of this information may result in jail time or death. Do not attempt any of these tricks without the direct supervision of a responsible professional.

Direct from Sideshow World "Scam Fraud And Con Artists Beware by Jim Rose", you'll get the "secrets" to:

We are not born with trust. Trust has to be earned..
----> The Human Detector
----> The Eyes have It
Bad first impressions can be rooted in truth and are hard to overcome..
People underestimate how much we can learn from a simple handshake..
A man was sitting at a bar smoking a cigarette.Every time he exhaled , the lady sitting behind him would politely cough..
Some people turn the other cheek to get most of the blanket. These people only believe in karma is someone cheats them..
When the victim is away on vacation, the hustler rents a truck and puts a little mud on the license plate..
Some of them wait until two days after Christmas and place an ad in the newspaper that says: "Will buy your used Christmas tree for five dollars"...

Enjoy :)